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January 22

Gail Brown

Welcome back to 2019: Starting the Aussie school year!

  • Mon 7th Jan 2013
  • Gail

Well, everyone’s had a well-earned break, though I think the weather hasn’t been as kind as we’d like? We’ve had some great summer days in Sydney, but we’ve also had some thunderstorms, with hail damage!

And some our country areas have been sweltered through droughts, fires and rainstorms. Just like our classrooms, the environment across Australia is as diverse as it comes.

Remember, it’s our wonderful summer here, and around the world it may be winter – some countries are in snow and ice – and they’ll have their summer when we’re in winter!

This week before Australian schools start it’s a time of excitement for teachers, thinking about the start of a new school year…

Catching up with colleagues, who’ve become dear friends…

Thinking about all that’s to be done – just like today’s image – a sunrise before the start of a new day!

Sometimes, this “time before the sunrise” (like our welcoming image!) is the most beautiful time – everything seems so new and wonderful – and it’s a great feeling, full of hopes and dreams, like the start of a holiday – and different!!

Teachers starting to think about this coming school year, probably know their class and maybe some of their students. Maybe, for some students they feel the same excitement starting the school year – for others, they may be daunted?

Teachers’ thoughts turn to both the assessments expected by their school, as well as planning for students’ learning. These definitely go hand in hand.

I’ll take that up in my next post, early Week 1!

Enjoy catching up with teacher friends as you start your new school year!!

PS these sunrises are what I mostly feature on my own Facebook - I'm lucky enough to see these in person - and, for me, every day, is a new day to learn more!!

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