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December 06

Gail Brown

Learning and finishing our Australian school year, Part 1…

  • Mon 7th Jan 2013
  • Gail

I’ve been blogging for a few months now, and I have to admit that, sometimes it’s easy to write, and other times it’s quite difficult? I never know which it will be – that’s part of what I’m learning…

Because I’m new at this blogging thing, I like to learn from other bloggers. So, I try to find what I’d call “expert bloggers”, who’ve been blogging for a while, because I figure the more they’ve been doing this, the better they are – sounds reasonable?

So, today, I’m sharing what I’ve learned from a blogger who’s written posts that have “gone viral” and hundreds of blog posts – Tom Kuegler who writes for The Mission Podcasts . He’s definitely written a lot more posts than I have!

And sharing some of his rules? So, what’s this got to do with teaching and schools – well, quite a lot, actually!

Firstly, his rules are about writing – and again, I’m still learning. Secondly, I think his rules support the way I think about learning – though I didn’t know that when I started writing – so again I’m learning!

And apologies to Tom, I’ve paraphrased some of his content, to (hopefully) make it link more to schools, and what teachers do? I’ve tried to NOT change his meanings, I hope!

And, especially as our school year is ending in Australia, it’s a time to think back and also think forward, not just to our summer holidays – beyond to our 2019 school year – which seems so distant – and yet will be here in a blink of time!

Gail’s version of Tom’s Rule 1: Writing isn’t always easy – Tom says “it takes me 400 words to enjoy writing a new post”! I agree, sometimes thinking about starting to write is the most difficult task  - so – just do it – just start – don’t edit – just write, and it will be OK!

I think this fits with my idea of learning – just do it – keep trying and keep learning, trust yourself, and have a go! It will all work out in the end – especially at the end of the year…

Take a breath, look back on your school year, on where your students were back then, and where they are now, all your efforts have paid off in all the evidence of their learning that you see as a teacher!

So, I’m signing off now, and will be back next post, with more from Tom, applied to schools and learning!

PS THAT SEAGULL – for many Australians, summer is now in December, and that’s why you have a seagull image – of anyone in the Northern Hemisphere, this is what that means!

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