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October 13

Gail Brown

Principal's Office, ILA Conference!

  • Mon 7th Jan 2013
  • Gail

Welcome back to Term 4, last term of the year!

Hoping you've all had a wonderful holiday break...

Believe it or not, this post's image is the door of a principal's office, and the principal of a school in America. This principal, Hamish, Brewer, said so many motivating things, as part of the keynote at the ILA Conference just a few days ago - including - "Our students are an opportunity not an obligation"! WOW - and that respect and love of our students is what we should all have!

It was such a privilege to hear him, as well as Chelsea Clinton, and other keynotes and key reading researchers from around the world.

I was part of a team in the Special Interest Group on Readability, and our sessions was well attended, and I was complimented on both my content and presentation style - which was a wonderful thing for me? Often, I will present at conferences and think I've done an OK (maybe good?) job - and don't really get any feedback? So, to have people stopping me afterwards, and the next day, telling me they both enjoyed and learned in our presentation - it was just great!

I'm still travelling for a few days now, and back late next week, so I'll sign off, and, don't worry, I'll have a couple more posts about this conference coming your way!

Enjoy your start to this last school term -before you know it - Christmas will be here!

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