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August 02

Malcolm Grant

ILA International Conference 2018 Texas

It was so exciting for Question Skills to be presented last week, in Austin, Texas at the International Literacy Association Conference! This is a large, annual event bringing thousands of teachers and researchers together from across the world, to focus on Literacy and supporting all students learning to be literate. An American colleague, Tom Gunning, organised a series of presentations on behalf of the Special Interest Group focussed on Readability,

Tom's presentation focussed on questions in high-stakes assessments, Gene Kearns presented the importance of deliberate practice, and Lyn Gelzheiser presented on building background knowledge. Tom presented our workshop, which he accessed as a video from Google Drive. Part of that video included a pause for a workshop activity, which Tom has said the participants really enjoyed. Our video workshop focussed on Question-Answering as the most common task in classrooms today, and how the features of questions can make this either easy or difficult for many students. This is a chance to publicly thank Tom for his work with this SIG, and for presenting our small workshop. We are thrilled with the positive feedback from Tom about the participants' responses! Thanks again, Tom!

ILA Conference

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