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May 06

Gail Brown

Another useful website, supporting your learning!

  • Mon 7th Jan 2013
  • Gail

Week 2 is here already, and that holiday break seems to be a distant memory, doesn’t it?

This second website I’d share with you is Ed Reports, funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It’s also free, and has resources, as well as reports on various interventions and a way to compare different materials – mostly American-based. That doesn’t mean it’s not useful for us, and we can use these resources for free. Even just as a way to start reading about something you need for your classroom or to meet a particular student’s needs?

One of Ed Reports’ recent downloads is “Why materials matter?” and this supports the use of high quality materials for teaching and learning, well worth a short read as it is independent of any specific content. You can click through this information online, and then after scrolling down, you can download the information if you want? Some of the stats are quite frightening – for example that “teachers spend more than 12 hours per week looking for materials” and that 2017 RAND study found that “96% of teachers use Google to find lessons and materials” and “75% of teachers use Pinterest for fing lessons and materials”. This would be for American teachers, and I wonder how high this would be for Australian teachers?

You can sign up for free email updates for both this week’s and last week’s websites, so when a new report or resource is released, you’ll know about it? Given how busy most teachers are, I think this is useful, and if you are really flat chat – you can ignore or delete the email, and check it out later?

I know and understand that Australian teachers need Australian resources, that’s why I write my materials, like Question Skills, and write my own texts, mostly about Australia. However, I still believe that evidence-based research, tools and support from anywhere in the world can be useful, especially if they are free!

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