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April 08

Gail Brown

Exciting News - New accredited course online!

  • Mon 7th Jan 2013
  • Gail

WOOHOO, we’ve had our first online course accredited with NESA for the 2019 school year!!

Deep thinking ONLINE for teaching reading and reading comprehension

9 hours of accreditation, for Proficient teacher level

We’ve launched the first session, online and on NESA, for this course last week!

Our course includes everything online, so you can complete it whenever you have time, Ha! Ha! Like teachers have lots of free time – don’t they?

Our learning activities include interactive sessions, questionnaires, your choice of readings and reflections on your learning. And, you apply parts of this to your students’ learning needs, in your current class.

Choosing the readings gives you plenty of options, with the list of both open source references, as well as some that are behind a payment wall. You choose which readings best fit with your interests, your class and your classroom program.

The content of this course takes the simple view of reading (Hoover and Gough, 1990, and recent updates) and help you use evidence-based research to bring this into the practicalities of reading instruction, for decoding and comprehension.

Rather than see decoding or comprehension in isolation, teachers encouraged to use evidence of each student’s skills and knowledge to prioritise instruction.

The course starts with a short interactive session and a questionnaire, after that, you can do the tasks in any order you want!

The first course is available now, for anyone interested in starting this in their school holidays? I can just imagine all of you reading an article about reading while you’re lying on the beach or after a day of skiing?

Enjoy finishing up this first school term!

Think about how you can get a head start on 9 hours of accredited time this holidays – if you have a little time to start our new course!

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