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August 03

Gail Brown

Recent Special Ed Conference, useful for all teachers

  • Mon 7th Jan 2013
  • Gail

In May this year, I was lucky enough to present with a wonderful Learning Support Teacher, Natalie Baker. We presented at the Australian Special Education Principals Association, Annual Conference in Adelaide. This was an excellent conference, not just for special educators, as some of the keynote speakers, international and local, were wonderful and their messages were so universal, they apply to all students.

This was also a fantastic opportunity to showcase how Question Skills is effective with students with special needs, and how Natalie’s implementation methods, flexible meeting the needs of her students, were so effective. Her results were with a small group, where students were withdrawn from regular classes to learn more about literacy. Using her Masters in Special Education knowledge, and research, as well as data, Natalie was able to make some excellent gains on the YARC, using Question Skills as her main comprehension intervention.

Here’s a link to that conference website, specifically the proceedings, where some of the presentations, as well as ours, are available. Please contact Gail if you would like more details, and, via Gail, Natalie is happy to chat with special educators. Having attended this conference for the first time, both Natalie and I would highly recommend this for future years, for all educators!

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