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December 12

Gail Brown

More about writing and blogs, and end of year, Part 3

  • Mon 7th Jan 2013
  • Gail

According to Tom Kuegler, an expert blogger whose posts go viral, if you are breathing at all (and if you’re reading this, then you’re alive, so you ARE breathing!) – you will never be short of ideas, as long as you live!

It’s Tom’s Rule #4 – and that’s something that teachers can share with their students, write about whatever you’re thinking about now – share it – basically, that’s what every blog post is = sharing of ideas!

For end of year writing tasks, write about this last year – there’s plenty of things to remember, look back for, and reflect on = makes writing easier if you know your ideas already? Best thing / worst thing that happened this year for me! Focus on you and your year, look back and reflect!

Firstly, it’s OK to rework what someone else has written (I’m doing that now) – you’ll say it differently, because you are you! That’s great = you’re unique!!

As long as you acknowledge where your ideas are coming from, and that’s just about being “polite” – after all – you’re extending what that person wrote!

Also, this tells your readers something about you, because it’s YOUR thinking as well as the other person’s, so they get to know you, and if they comment back – you might get to know them!

And that’s Tom’s Rule # 9 – sorry for skipping ahead so far – blogging probably means you’ll make some wonderful new friends – who comment and repost what you’ve written – WOW!!

This brings us back to Rule#5 - every time you write something (a blog post, or anything else), you learn something new, about yourself or your topic or… Learning is so wonderful and magic!

Rule #6 is that maybe some day, your blog post might reach lots of people – might go viral – because your ideas show you are passionate, and it’s something others are passionate about too!!

Probably, given it’s almost the end of the school year, and everyone’s a little tired here in Australia – we’ll leave it there for today’s post, and come back with Part 4, to finish off Tom’s blog writing rules in our next post!

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