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April 29

Gail Brown

Welcome Back for Term 2, A "Maybe" Useful website for you!

  • Mon 7th Jan 2013
  • Gail

Well, I bet that holiday wasn’t quite long enough – and yes, it never is - no matter whether you have 2 weeks, 4 weeks or 6 weeks, another day or two would always be welcomed!

Anyway, we’re all back to start Term 2, and I’d like to focus on a positive – and share a couple of websites that you may not know about…

Both these sites are American, so the spelling and the links to curriculum won’t necessarily apply to your school here in Australia, However, both have a wealth of resources, including assessments and evidence-based research strategies, so they may provide a starting point for you, your professional learning, your school, and maybe supporting your students’ learning.

Today's posts shines a light on National Center on Intensive Intervention because this website includes both academic and behavioural interventions that are evidence-based. There is a large range of tools, for different levels of school professonals, from leaders to classrooms teachers - for assessment, for coaching, and resources that might be useful.

Most importantly, there’s a “Taxonomy of Intervention Intensity” – so how much bang do you get for your buck? If you choose an intervention, any intervention not just those on their website, you can use or adapt this tool to evaluate the intervention’s effects. This includes free webinars, that are self-paced, about this whole process. This sort of streamlines exactly what John Hattie has done - with a checklist!

So, take a breath, relax and remember that "holiday feeling" as your term starts with its usual "hustle and bustle"! Enjoy! 😊

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