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December 10

Gail Brown

Christmas is coming faster than you think, Part 2

  • Mon 7th Jan 2013
  • Gail

Last post I introduced Tom Kuegler, because he’s such an expert, long-term blogger, that I thought I could learn from his experiences, and by understanding and applying his rules for writing blog posts…

Here’s Gail’s version of Tom’s Rule 2 (BIG News for Gail and NOT paraphrased at all!!) “Blogging and writing are Totally Different” – Who Knew???

Certainly I had NO idea – I just thought blogging was just writing about what you knew?

If you want to write a good blog post – “Tom says” – break it up into short, bit-sized chunks – yes, I AM paraphrasing now. If it’s not spaced out – if it’s dense, like a story, it’s much more difficult to read and take in the ideas quickly!

So, most of Gail’s past blogs have been “an unreadable wall of words” = according to the blog writing world of Tom Kluegler – and I probably agree!

Adding images, quotes and staying short with my sentences – well, that’s a challenge for me! And I DON'T know I can add images in my post, I’ll have to find out if I can add images inside my post – new learning!

Tom’s telling me to have white space, to divide up my ideas and keep them concise and catchy? So, if someone’s on their phone, my ideas are easily understood = makes sense!

So, I’ve been trying this on my last post and this one? His rule is to keep each part of your text to 3 lines or less? I’m trying to to this – and it is DEFINITELY changing and challenging my writing – let me know what you think?

Gail’s Version of Tom’s Rule 3 – KEEP ON KEEPING ON!

Keep persevering, don’t stop blogging just because it’s difficult sometimes – take this message from Angela Duckworth’s book: Grit – The Power of Passion and Perseverance!

Tom’s positive spin on this is that he wishes he could inspire people so they can persevere – and I have that dream too!

If you’re a teacher reading this at the end of the Australian school year for 2018 – then you have ALREADY shown your students, and your school community, that you have this grit…

You’ll succeed more, if you persevere more – so, on that positive note, this blog post is ending, and I’ll continue with more of Tom’s rules next post!

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