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February 02

Gail Brown

Welcome Back to Our 2020 School Year!

  • Mon 7th Jan 2013
  • Gail

This is the start of a whole new year at school – 2020! I’ve left it until Week 2 to start this blog back up, knowing how busy you all are!

Hoping that you’ve had a wonderful break, and that your school year has started well, though VERY busy?

This year, my blog is changing… posts will be shorter and I’ll be highlighting both assessments and resources that I’ve designed. As well, posts will guide you to evidence-based research that may support your classroom teaching, depending on your students’ needs. This blog will focus on literacy, both reading and writing, and how students can learn through literacy.

I believe: “Learning is the CORE Business of all schools!” My materials, assessments and courses for teachers all focus on learning in some way.

This first post showcases a Phonics Screening Tool (in the visual for this blog) that I’ve designed. My assessment is a screening tool you can use with your whole class, for Grades K-2, and it takes about 15 minutes. That’s because this assessment focusses on fluency (accuracy and rate).

This whole class assessment is an Assessment FOR Learning, because it quickly highlights which students to target. So, It’s NOT meant to give you a lot of detail.

You can see Grade 1 Sample items (blog image), Teacher and Student. The goal is for you to quickly see which students might need some additional instructional support. Screening identifes students who need more detailed assessment, specific to their needs. Screening will save you valuable time, in your busy classroom day!

You could use it now, to start the year, and compare to any assessments you’ve already done? You could use it again, or for the first time, in preparation for your mid-year report writing.

This can supplement what you already use for early reading or phonics assessment in the early grades. If you are interested in using this screening tool and directions for administration, just email me at

My next post will continue with the phonics theme and highlight resources you can use for professional reading about early reading instruction. Hope Week 2 at school goes well for you!

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