Progressive / forward thinking schools have been using Question Skills for 10 years, from grades 2 to 7.

What is Question Skills?

Explicitly modelled interactive lessons, both online and hardcopy that inspire and stimulate young minds to learn. Answering questions is how we all learn how to learn.

Why teachers love it

Our system supports and empowers you to focus on your students’ needs. Using your professional knowledge, you can pause and discuss whenever you need to. Assessments provide you with evidence of improvements in students’ comprehension.

Why students learn more

Learning is fun using animated characters, interesting current texts and funny riddles. Students thrive as they learn how to think to find answers, and practice to consolidate core concepts.

What Our Teachers Say

Get to know the people behind Intact. Our creative and technical team.

Teacher in a Sydney school

Thanks so much, this program has helped me to understand how to teach students to understand what they read.

Grade 3 teacher, regional town in New South Wales

These lessons, and their assessments, help me to know what my students need to learn next, thanks for this direction to keep learning more and more.

Grade 5 teacher, Sydney school.

I love how my students can answer correctly! Yes, they groan at some of your jokes, and they also smile, when the feedback says this will help them learn, it’s such a positive lesson every time!

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Using our lessons could help you focus more on each individual student’s learning, and improve their understanding of texts they’re reading. The preparation is done: students like our texts and enjoy the puzzles and jokes.

Teachers tell us this helps them to understand why some of their students struggle with understanding what they read. You and your grade or school team can improve your professional knowledge of reading comprehension by using our materials.

You’ll see how much easier it is to teach students how to understand texts!

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Owner – Education Director

Malcolm Grant
Owner – Technical Director

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