Designed Learning's Literacy Materials provide clear communication of concepts and strategies that efficiently communicate and demonstrate the skills to be learned.

Growth Mindset

Growth Mindsets provide a view of the world, for school and lifelong learning, that rewards effort in anything that you do! This positive journey leads to success!

Teacher Professional Learning

Consultancy support can assist individual teachers to provide more effective programs and teaching strategies in their class.

For 10 years schools have been
successfully using Question Skills.

The structured
 lesson format
 is easily implemented
 across grades 2 to grade 7.


Question Skills explicitly teaches 
using modelling, 
guidance and practice.


Question Skills uses a lettering system for each instructional level. Teachers use their professional judgement to select an appropriate level 
for individual student learning 
in reading comprehension.



Begins with direct literal questions progressing through to higher order inferential thinking.


A teaching system that enables you to effectively assess current students' skills. Scaffolded assessments include multiple choice and sentence responses.

Our Team

A team that blends action research and technology into resources that are easy to use.

Dr Gail Grown PhD

Gail is an education consultant working with schools to support their teacher professional learning and their literacy and numeracy instruction for over 20 years.

Malcolm Grant

Malcolm is a technology and online content creation consultant that has worked delivering audio visual and e-learning solutions for over 15 years.

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